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A blog is basically a 'weblog', a method website, which is a daily update. It is also a discussion platform along with a content store. People can discuss and comment on any topic in a blog. It is basically run by an individual or a small group. I will tell you how to make Free Blog today in the details.


Benefits of Blogging

How to Create Free Blog with WordPress Help

How to create Free Blog with Blogger's help

Blogs Promotion

Blogging Blogging


Everybody's activity and skillset, which is necessary to manage a blog, comes into blogging. For example, writing posts, publishing them, designing, social marketing, etc. In simple words, blogging is a process in which we add new content to a blog, and update them regularly.

Blogger (Person): Everyone involved in the process of blogging is called blogger.

Blogger (Service): This is a service provided by google, which allows us to create, edit, update and manage posts. You can easily customize your blogs with the help of a blogger. It helps you share things of your mind and earn money. This is a very good platform for new users, it does not even require technical knowledge. It is managed directly by google servers and hacking it is impossible.

WordPress: This is a free software that helps in creating and customizing a search engine friendly blog or website. There are plenty of themed themes and plugins available. More than 70 million people are WordPress members. Available in both WordPress free and premium plans.

Blogspot: Blogspot is a free web hosting service, which is a gift from Google to web developers. These Google helps bloggers deliver their service. We can not use any other platform to use it.

Tumbler - This is a microblogging platform that gives the facility of creating and customizing the blog. In this we get stories, images, videos, audio, etc. Can use. Bloggers can also keep their blog private, and can also follow other bloggers.

Benefits of Blogging

Better online influence This helps to create an impression to get a better profile.

This is a very good source of income. Blog par month like Achhikhabr, Labnol, shoutmeloud earn millions.

Maintaining a blog improves your writting skills. A blogger can easily become a published author.

You can get instant feedback as comments, shares.

Bloggers are very good learners, who spend their time reading and writing more.

You can find lots of fans.

Blogs help you build strong networks.

By maintaining a blog you can use WordPress, SEO etc. Can improve your technical skills in

Blogs are a very good virtual store. Here you can also do the job of online sale.

Blogging is a great way to express your ideas through inspiration means.

How to Create Free Blog


Step 1 - Select Best Niche / Topic for your blog

Step 2 - Choose Correct Platform

Step 3 - Buy Domain Name

Step 4 - Design Your Blog

Step 5 - Add important page to your blog

Step 6 - Write your articles / Posts

Step 7 - Marketing and branding your blog.

Step 8 - Learn SEO (Search engine optimization)

Step 9 - Monetize your blogs (from blog

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How to Create Free Blog
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