Why does 'love' happen? To know, read these Ishq related 20 facts

Why does 'love' happen? To know, read these Ishq related 20 facts
Different feelings and pictures emerge in everyone's mind when listening to love words. Love for everyone has a different meaning. There is a time when we do not see anything other than love, love, affection, and after some time we are told to say that there is no such thing as love. Well, debate on love will never end, but today we are going to tell you some facts related to love, which will make you more confident on its complexity. These facts are given by psychologists so you can believe in them.

1. In humans along with other animals, there is a tendency to spend the entire life with the same companion. Wolfs, Swans, Langur and many more


2. It takes only 4 minutes to decide whether you like someone or not. It depends on one person's body language, tone etc.


3. According to a research, romantic couple can see their heart beats with frontal beats after seeing them for 3 minutes in each other's eyes.


4. The effect of falling in love is exactly what happens to your mind like taking cocaine. According to a research, there is a sense of euphoria sensation in the brain. The brain releases such chemicals, which make up 12 parts of it together.


5. Oxytocin hormone is also called cuddle hormone which is formed in our body during love. It is found in a research that it is helpful in reducing pain. The next time you have a headache, take this medicine before taking it, you will see it.


6. Seeing the picture of anyone you want even reduces the pain to a great extent.


7. People who prefer each other equally, it is possible to stay with them for a long time. Meaning of attraction and love level should be goods in both the minds.


8. It is said that not the upazity attract, it is absolutely true. According to a research, those who are very similar or very different from each other do not last for long. There should be some similarities between the two people who are good enough to live together. I.e. not completely different or completely beans.


9. Heartbreak is not just a joke. When two people are separated for any reason, there is a problem of pain and breath blown in people's chest. When sad, the body also reacts.


10. Romance between a couple ends only for one year, after which the love turns into a committment.


11. People in love and obsessive compulsive disorder have the same kind of chemical generates in their minds.


12. Thinking about love, the person becomes more artistic.


13. This is love's clear formula romantic love = passion + intimacy, compassionate love = intimacy + commitment, and fatuous love = passion + commitment


14. Attractive face is more helpful than a fascinating body to stay in a relationship for a long time.


15. Holding the hand of the person you love reduces the pain and feels relief.


16. You feel more than happy to express gratitude to those you love.


17. The thing that flies butterflies in the stomach is absolutely true. This happens due to adrenaline so that when you are in love you feel like this.


18. If the eyes of the front eyes are spread on your side, then understand that he wants to get you. This is the theory of Baba Darwin.


19. Strangers in each other's eyes 2 Strangers can also fall in love.


20. A research lasted for 75 years tells that people's happiness revolves around their love.

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